Steam trap measurement

A steam trap is an automatic valve, which drains steam lines and processes from condensate while closing off steam. In addition, it evacuates non-condensable gases, mainly air. We are located in five locations in Sweden and can therefore help your company with vapor trap measurement basically wherever you are. We have extensive experience on the subject and can also prevent downtime, act as a sounding board and help you gain control over your valve maintenance costs and safety for your facility. We provide you with time- and cost-effective solutions so that your business functions optimally.

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Leaking steam traps mean big financial losses

Steam is one of our most important media, used industrially for heating and in many different kinds of processes. Steam is also a good energy carrier from both economic and technical aspects. A leaking steam trap causes energy losses, increased costs and environmental impact. In addition, it can lead to pressurization of the condensate system, making it difficult for the condensate from other traps to drain. VIMAB measures a large amount of steam traps annually, we know from experience that a malfunctioning steam trap disrupts production and increases wear and tear.
A leaking steam trap can therefore cause the plant large financial losses, partly because the steam's energy is lost. And if the facility has several leaking steam traps, it goes without saying; the costs for this will be very high.

How does a vapor trap measurement work?

With the help of ultrasound, you can determine with great certainty whether a steam trap is leaking. This is because a leaking steam trap releases fresh steam, which generates a high-frequency ultrasound. Testing with ultrasound is by far the most common method because it does not require any additional equipment in the form of, for example, conductivity sensors or sight glasses.
The ultrasound from the steam trap is interpreted by the measuring instrument, which transfers its values ​​to the computer for storage, processing and evaluation. The values ​​are based on how big the losses are, such as how big the hole in the steam trap is, the back pressure on the condensate line or the size of the condensate flow.

A vapor trap measurement means the following:

  • Inventory and marking of the facility's steam traps
  • Measurement of the steam traps
  • Calculation of the plant's energy losses
  • Action suggestions for faulty traps
  • Suggestions for other measures that can provide a more efficient process
  • Creation of report

We help you get control of your steam traps

Of the thousands of steam traps we check annually, approximately one in ten is defective. Either they are leaking steam or they are completely blocked. After checking your facility, we deliver a complete financial analysis with loss calculation and a proposal for measures.

VIMAB's strength is that we can quickly obtain replacement fixtures and are at your service to replace them as soon as possible. A single leaking or blocked steam trap can result in costs of 10,000 kroner. It therefore pays to carry out measurements continuously.

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