Industry leader in valve service

VIMAB is the right choice for your valve service. With our expertise and your knowledge, we improve and streamline your valve maintenance, with significant cost savings as a result. Repairing your valves instead of buying new ones is also good from a sustainability point of view. For valves that perform optimally day in and day out – all year round.

World-class knowledge and craftsmanship

We offer leading national and international valve service, and work in all industries with all valve types. Our operations are conducted in five locations in Sweden with the head office in Motala and branches in Perstorp, Söderhamn, Stenungsund, Stockholm and a subsidiary in Norway. Our main business consists of repairing and maintaining valves out at the customers' premises and in our own premises.

Our valve bearing

When you need a valve or spare part, chances are we have it with us. We have a well-sorted stock, with over a thousand new and refurbished valves of varying dimensions, types and makes. You can count on short delivery times, competitive prices and quality assurance performed by a third party.

Johan Axelsson, Technical works

"We didn't have to burn down the boiler because VIMAB was able to test and adjust our safety valves in operation."

Lars-Göran Mood, Heating values

"The vapor trap measurement has quickly paid off."

Donald Holmgren, Jönköping Energy

"There is always someone at VIMAB who answers the phone, even if it is Sunday evening or Christmas Eve."

Nöjd kund

"VIMAB uppfyller de krav vi har på hälsa, miljö och säkerhetstänkande."

Nöjd kund

"VIMAB har hjälpt oss att sänka våra ångkostnader med över 100.000 kronor om året."

Nöjd kund

"Jag får alltid snabb hjälp och personalen är enkel och trevlig att ha och göra med."

Our knowledge creates security

When you are looking for safe valve service, VIMAB is the right choice. High level of knowledge, quality and availability mean that we can carry out both urgent interventions and planned comprehensive audits of your business. Our service technicians have advanced mobile equipment for reliable tests and measurements on site in your facility. Together with over 30 years of experience, we ensure that you reduce unnecessary costs and increase the service life of the valves.

Sometimes you need an extra resource, for example during work peaks or sick leave. Du vet väl att du kan hyra en ventilexpert av oss en längre eller kortare tid? Du får en flexibel resurs, och slipper lägga tid på personaladministration. Kontakta oss så diskuterar vi en lösning.