Valves in the process industry are exposed to stress over a long period of time. Factors such as high pressure and extreme temperatures can lead to wear where parts of the valve may need to be replaced.

Over the years, VIMAB has helped several customers with the manufacture of spare parts for valves. With fast delivery times and a high sense of service, we ensure that you receive customized spare parts of the highest possible quality, with the least possible production stoppage in your business.

Five workshops with capacity in the manufacture of spare parts for valves

We are an independent operator, which means that you get reliable service from all makes and all sizes. Our five workshops, with the largest in Motala, are equipped with modern milling machines, lathes and other equipment to be able to supply top-class spare parts.

With VIMAB, old and worn industrial valves become like new

Are you looking for valve service in the industries power/heat, paper and cellulose, pharmaceutical manufacturing or other facilities in the process industry? Let us help you! With VIMAB you get:

  • Fast service
  • Over 30 years of manufacturing experience
  • Valve service in workshops all over Sweden
  • High competence

We also service valves in nuclear power plants. Welcome to contact us!!