Whistle blowing

Whistleblower service

VIMAB AB strives to establish and maintain an open business climate and high business ethics. We protect safety and respect for all the people affected by our operations.

The whistleblower service gives all employees within VIMAB, as well as our partners, the opportunity to report a suspicion of serious misconduct.

We believe in an open dialogue and in the first instance we encourage you to contact a manager, HR, or your direct contact person with us if you are a customer or supplier. If you feel that you cannot be open with your information, we offer an opportunity to report via our Whistleblower Service where you can choose to be completely anonymous.

The whistleblower service is used to report suspicions of possible irregularities and risks that could harm individuals, VIMAB as an organization, society or the environment. Examples of this are:

  • Financial crime and corruption/bribery
  • Environmental crime
  • Danger to life and health
  • Discrimination and harassment

You can reach our whistleblower service with a secure reporting channel via this link:

Whistle blowing