Function check in operation

You don't have to stop operations at your facility just because it's time for a function test. With our system and our technicians, we help you functionally test your safety valves online, during normal operation, regardless of the season. Functional control in operation means uninterrupted production and thus increased profitability. VIMAB is a certified functional inspector who annually performs functional inspections at companies around the country. From our five workshops in Sweden, we can quickly be on site to carry out functional checks in operation in your business.

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Why do you need to do a functional check of valves?

According to AFS 2017:3, functional testing of pressurized devices and vessels is required. By ensuring the function of the safety valves, you know that they are working as they should. You also reduce the risk of equipment breakdown (which leads to costly downtime), you also prevent personal injury. If regular function checks are not carried out, the Swedish Work Environment Authority can issue a fine and, in the worst case, a ban on driving the plant.

How often to carry out functional checks of safety valves is decided together with an inspection engineer from an accredited inspection body. The most common interval is 12-18-24-36 months.

Function control in operation with smooth and safe handling

Our equipment is designed to be used mobile in demanding environments, where we avoid dismantling and transporting large valves. Thanks to the light rig, we can also check hard-to-reach valves in operation.

When we test your safety valves, we assess opening pressure, spring curve and tightness under normal operating conditions. With the help of stroke length limitation, we can control runs on unhealthy media and thus reduce the risk of environmentally hazardous emissions.

Function check with VIMAB

  • We are located in five different locations in Sweden and can be on site quickly
  • We take full responsibility for the functioning of your valves and develop solutions that are adapted to your specific needs
  • Control with uninterrupted production = increased profitability
  • We work preventively but can also help in emergency situations