VIMAB offers the renovation of valves in the process industry. By renovating your valves in good time, you reduce the environmental impact and save the costs of replacing the damaged valve with a brand new one. With us, you can also get valves repaired in all sizes and in all formats. 

Renovating a valve - that's how it's done

VIMAB's trained service technicians carry out a thorough renovation of your valves. In our workshop, we disassemble the valve, blast, sand and then paint the parts for the best results. This is how the process goes when a valve is renovated with us:

  1. the valve is dismantled
  2. technical assessment – ​​can the valve be repaired?
  3. blasting of details
  4. processing of sealing surfaces
  5. assembly with new gaskets
  6. Function and tightness control of the valve
  7. Painting

Do you have questions about VIMAB's valve repair? Welcome to contact us!

Renovation of valves in workshops all over Sweden

VIMAB offers renovation and service of all brands and valve types on the market, regardless of size and pressure class. In our five workshops spread across Sweden, we deliver fast and efficient valve service. Combined with our rolling service buses, you get high availability regardless of where you are.

With VIMAB, you can count on excellence if you have, for example, worn control valves, shut-off valves or safety valves in your facility. Our technicians have extensive experience with valve systems in industrial plants for power/heat, paper and cellulose, petrochemicals, etc.


VIMAB - always a good choice for your valves!