Steam & Condensate

Who is the course aimed at?

For you who work daily with steam/condensate in your production, carry out maintenance work, install new installations or develop applications for steam.

Course objectives

After the course, the participant should be able to understand and safely work with a steam process. An indispensable training for carrying out work with steam in a safe manner during operation, installation and maintenance.

Course length: full day

Course content

The course gives an insight into how a steam and condensate system is affected by pressure and temperature changes. We go through the risks that exist when working with steam and condensate processes and how to avoid them. The course also gives an insight into what damages can occur in the event of incorrect construction or incorrect handling of a steam system.

  • What is steam?
  • Quality of the steam
  • Steam distribution
  • Dimensioning of steam pipes
  • Heat losses/Insulation
  • Design of the condensate system
  • Condensate trap and its purpose

Education in handling valves

At VIMAB, we are happy to share our vast experience in valve service. We now offer qualified training and courses in the area. The starting point is that you should learn things that you have direct use of in your work. Theoretical and practical handling of valves, both manual and automated, is essential knowledge for increased safety and productivity.

Company-adapted course

Our training courses should give you knowledge that you have direct use for at work. Therefore, you and the other participants control the direction. Our course leaders have extensive industry experience, so take the opportunity to ask your specific questions to an expert. The course is a natural meeting place for people with similar tasks, which means that the exchange of knowledge between the course participants also becomes a natural and important element of the education.


Do you have questions about content and course opportunities? Do not hesitate to contact us!! We are happy to tell you more about all the possibilities available.

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