"Thanks to VIMAB, we got the factory up and running on time"

VIMAB performed emergency valve service for Lantmännen Agroetanol AB

VIMAB stepped in when Lantmännen Agroetanol AB suddenly had problems with non-delivery of steam. On Friday evening, 30 of our service technicians were on site at the customer, and on Monday morning 130 valves had been serviced and the factory was thus ready to start. The problem was resolved quickly in three days and the customer avoided production loss.

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Valve service during the annual audit

Vimab had been assigned to go to Lantmännen Agroetanol AB in Norrköping on Monday morning to perform service on 130 valves during the factory's annual audit. The audit was scheduled for Monday-Thursday and Vimab would have 30 technicians on site.

Non-delivery meant that the factory had to close down

But on Wednesday evening, the unthinkable happened, due to a non-delivery of steam, the factory was forced to shut down already four days before the planned shutdown. The customer asks VIMAB if it is possible to start the work already on Friday, in order to avoid having to have the factory stand still for an extra four days - which would mean massive production losses.

VIMAB fielded 30 men

VIMAB reschedules at short notice and is on site on Friday with 30 men, performs the service of the valves and is ready Monday morning. So that the factory can start up again on Monday evening.

- Thanks to VIMAB's quick turnaround and flexibility, we were able to carry out planned service on our valves with good quality and carried out in a safe manner despite short notice. This allowed us to get the factory up and running on time and avoided unnecessary loss of production, says Lantmännen Agroetanol AB