"Everything flows perfectly. That's what I like."

E.ON in Norrköping has employed VIMAB for over 20 years

The cooperation between us at VIMAB and our customers can look different. Sometimes it's about shorter efforts that are based on quick jerks and high flexibility. In other cases, it is about regularity and long-term agreements. An example of the latter is our valued collaboration with E.ON, which has been going on for several decades.

vimab case 1

With responsibility within a large CHP plant

Kenneth Andersson is a University of Applied Sciences engineer and service manager for two of the five large boilers at E.ON's combined heat and power plant in Norrköping. The plant mainly produces electricity and district heating, but also some steam. Kenneth has been around for a few years and knows what he's talking about.

- We have an extremely large number of valves and they need to be continuously maintained and sometimes replaced. We have used VIMAB for over 20 years now and they have always worked well. In recent years, they have also shown their forefoot in terms of service and customer adaptation. It really feels like they are working for our best interests.

Full control for best flexibility

E.ON in Norrköping uses VIMAB continuously, all year round, and makes use of all our services. It mainly concerns steam trap measurements and functional checks in operation.

- That's how we keep track, says Kenneth. During measurements and checks, we get to know which valves need to be repaired and serviced and which need to be replaced. We run the checks during the winter so that we can fix everything during the summer when we can more easily shut down an entire line or take the boilers out of service. The fact that we have order and control of the facility's service is important for both safety and accessibility. We have really got routines in place that make everything run smoothly and work as it should.

Calm even during unplanned stops

Kenneth says that these days it is very rare that the plant has to make unplanned stops.

- We at E.ON work hard to constantly improve, he says, and we have succeeded in that. It was much more common in the past that we had to suddenly go out of business. It still happens from time to time, but if we have to stop a part of the plant to change or repair valves, we always have a few days to get the right spare parts and prepare the service. A cogeneration boiler has a very high pressure and you cannot approach it until the pressure has dropped. Then we call VIMAB and place our orders in peace and quiet.

VIMAB's valve bearing – a good back up

The combined heat and power plant in Norrköping is large and has existed for a relatively long time. Just as with all similar facilities in most industries, this means a great many valves that vary in both age and make. Kenneth tells us that they do have their own smaller spare parts warehouse, but that from time to time they need to go to VIMAB to find the right stuff.

- Not least during unplanned stops that we talked about just now, he says. It is basically impossible to have all types of valves in stock and sometimes we need to change something quickly. Then we usually use VIMAB's stock. They have most everything and are a good back up.

Personal chemistry is important

The collaboration between E.ON and VIMAB is relatively extensive and therefore there are many personal contact points between the companies. Kenneth is mainly in contact with Fredrik Wisell at VIMAB, a collaboration that he greatly appreciates.

- Fredrik is easy to deal with, says Kenneth. The personal chemistry works perfectly, which is very important. The work goes quickly and smoothly, and he always keeps what he promises. As a customer, you like that. As a rule, it happens that I give Fredrik a list of what needs to be fixed. Then he comes and takes everything down, takes it to Motala and returns the following day with everything fixed. As you know, fast service is both time and money, Kenneth concludes.

The long collaboration is no coincidence

The fact that E.ON has hired VIMAB for over 20 years is no coincidence, according to Kenneth.

- Of course, we have more suppliers and do extensive procurement when it comes to this type of supplier. The fact that VIMAB has always been around is because they offer good services, are flexible and maintain a high level of service that we appreciate. It is not more difficult, concludes Kenneth.